The Top 5 Method


It was John D. Rockefeller who said: „If you’re working all day long, there’s no time to make money.“ One of his success secrets was the Top 5 Method – the core of our Zencover Focus Book, integrated in every single page of our book.

Easy. Effective. Motivating.

The Top 5 Method is by far the most effective and at the same time a very simple productivity method. The secret behind it is the ability to make a decision about priorities.
Before the end of every workday you define your Top 5 tasks for the next day.

You prioritize your tasks by:

  1. IMPACT (more results with less effort)
  2. URGENCY (reduce these tasks as much as possible).
  3. and FUN (no fun = no passion = no success)

Make a choice about the number one task and then write them down in the special grid of your Zencover. You manage your tasks, not your time. There is no more need to plan every single second of the day because you made a contract with yourself about what really matters.

Any distraction like unimportant mails, calls or interruptions that comes now has to compete with your Top 5 list. It will keep you on track. And in case you cannot finish all of your tasks – stop worrying – at least know for sure that you have been working on your major topics.